Inauguration of new Japan Visa Application Center in Jakarta

For Indonesian that wants to go the Japan, it is imperative that they register themselves and try to get Visa approval. Eventhough with E-Passport (IC Passport) that requires no Visa for Indonesian that wants to visit Japan, they are still needed to register before they fly to Japan.

Up until now the Visa Application Center is located in the Japan Embassy (for Jakarta). But now the Japan Embassy has appointed VFS Global to handle the Japan Visa Application Center which are located in Lotte Shopping Avenue Mall 4th Floor in Jakarta.

I was chosen to be their MC for the Inauguration of this new Japan Visa Application Center. It was quite interesting experience because the multi national guests (Ambassadors from various Countries, Media Partners, etc) made me has to deliver the inauguration sometimes in 3 Languages which is English, Japanese and Bahasa Indonesia. I think I will come here often in the future to apply my Japan Visa since lately I almost always go to Japan at least once each year.


Indonesia Japan Urban Development & Housing Seminar 2017

Real Estate market is always a lucrative market in Indonesia. Despite that the Property or Real Estate Industry has been side way for a couple of years, the market demands for all Social Class is comparatively still high.

Several Japanese Companies has set their foot and gave us many High Premium Class project in Indonesia. And I considered myself lucky to be chosen as Simultaneous Interpreter for Indonesia – Japan Urban Development & Housing Seminar 2017.

Both Japanese and Indonesian Real Estate / Property / Construction / Developer Companies are giving their presentation in hope that some collaboration could occur in a near future. I expect to see more and more Property Project from Japan in Indonesia. The Keyword “Quality” , “Maintenance” and “Customer Service” are the core strength of Japanese Companies. While the core strength of Local Indonesian Companies is their Market Knowledge and Sales Channel.

Supporting PM Shinzo Abe Visit to Indonesia

Last Jan 15th, 2017 marked a new milestone in my career as Professional Interpreter. I was selected as the only Indonesian (Nationality) Interpreter that support the High Profile Visit from Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and 28 Japanese TOP CEO to Indonesia. The rest of the Interpreter Team was Japanese origin (Original Japanese People).

The Event began with Presentation Meeting between 28 Japanese CEO and several of Indonesian TOP people in one of the 5 Stars Hotel in Jakarta. The meeting was closed by the speech from PM Abe. After that, all of us went to Bogor Palace to attend the Gala Dinner with President Jokowi and all the VIP people. During the Gala Dinner, some of other Indonesian people were also summoned as interpreters to support the VIP here.

The whole experience was Really Great and has become my inner motivation to keep going Stronger and Better in this Industry. I was also proud enough to become the only Indonesian that was trusted as interpreter for the Meeting and the only one that wore the Indonesian Traditional Batik Cloth during the whole event (can you spot me on the picture above ?).

6th Industrialization

Last week I was in Lombok to support on-site meeting between Japanese local goverment (which I won’t disclose from which prefecture) with East Lombok local government. One of the theme that was brought up is 6th Industrialization (In Japanese it is called rokujisangyouka). I found this as a good concept so I want to share it here.

Basically 6th Industrialization consist of the 1st Industry (Production), 2nd Industry (Processing) and 3rd Industry (Sales and Distribution Channel). The number 6 came from the multiplication of 1, 2 and 3. 6 = 1 x 2 x 3.

In Japan, they have “Michinoeki” which literally translated into road station. The station here is a place where everybody can get information in both tourism and local product, and also act as a place to sell their local unique product. For example, a rice farmer not only produce their rice (1st), but they process their product into some packaging for example red rice cracker (2nd), and distribute it in this place (3rd). This utilizes all 3 function and that is 6th Industrialization.

Another great concept that we talked about is the “Market In”. Which means we always need to think what is the consumer wants and needs, in the opposite of just producing the thing that we want.


*Judging from the picture above, you might mistaken me for having a vacation there.

East Lombok itself is a very beautiful place. As you can see from above picture, a lot of people that saw it will easily mistaken me for having a vacation there. 4 nights, 4 different hotels, from sea side to mountain side, to waterfall and agriculture farm. It is almost like a tour/trip. Glad to say this is one of the Great Experience as Interpreter for this year.


Jakarta’s New Airport Terminal 3

I’m so happy to announce that Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta Airport finally open the New Terminal 3. This will be the new symbol of International Airport in Indonesia. It’s not operational yet, but I got invited to the special Pre-Opening Ceremony.

It will be operational for Domestic flight next Aug 10th 2016, and will be fully operational for both Domestic and International Flight on March 2017.


100 Billionaires Mindset Book

My first book will launch at the end of this month in Indonesia. It is written by me and other 99 great people. The post compile editing process is done by 3 people. Hence the author name is those 3 people. The title of this amazing book is “The Mindset of 100 Successful Billionaires”.

I will be featured in Chapter 5 on Page 37.


It is an honor for me to be given chances to be in the same book with other Great People from Indonesia such as Andrie Wongso, Merry Riana, James Gwee, Tung Desem Waringin, Bong Chandra, Ade Rai, Yusuf Mansur, Ellen May and many others.

The book is a compilation of 100 inspiring stories from 100 Great People in Indonesia. Just think of this as a “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, but much way better. I believe I am the only Professional Linguist that are in the book.

The launching date is late March or early April, and early bird Price for this 450 pages book is only IDR 100,000. This price is valid until late of March before it is officially released. Please feel free to contact me right away to reserve your copy immediately.

You could contact me for order at :


Contributing to Indonesia through Interpreting Service

Having a lot of participation in Government related project, I have been contributing in Indonesia’s Infrastructure Development as an Interpreter for Japanese ODA. One of such example is on the project when I helped a Japanese Company to set up a rain water storage facility in Bogor to prevent Flood to Jakarta.

In many occasion, usually Indonesian side is learning from Japan side such as the example above. However my current project is on the opposite. Currently I am helping an Indonesian IT Company to go to Japan to train Japanese User to use the System they had bought from Indonesia. Due to my very strong background in IT field, I was chosen and hired to facilitate all the interpretation and translation during the training and also support the system in Japan for a couple of months.

Today I am writing this blog because this will be the last entry this year that is written in Indonesia. I will leave Jakarta to Japan tonight for the IT project above. Hopefully everything will go smoothly and this is also a “Pride” moment for Indonesian that managed to enter Advanced Country market in their game. This is one of my way to contribute to my own country, what is yours ?

Interpreting Murder Case

Last Monday on Sep 7th 2015, a dead body of young Japanese woman was found in her apartment in Jakarta. On Wednesday Sep 10th 2015, I was hired as interpreter for Japanese – Bahasa for the victim’s parent, victim’s boss, polices (both from Indonesia and Japan).

It was really a heartbreaking experience to see the parent’s loss. We spent our time at Police’s office and Hospital where the body was kept. For the investigation’s purpose, the police needed to ask many standard questions to the parent, such as when was the last contact etc (I will not go into details of the questions). At the hospital, it really brings tears to see the parents crying over their daughter’s body. This is actually the first time for me to interpret the dead body confirmation process inside corpse room.

After confirming the body of their daughter, the father gave this statement : “I want to avoid that the image of Indonesia will get hurt because of this incident. My daughter loves Indonesia a lot. I do not want to give perception that Indonesia is a horrible place. I think that is not my daughter’s wish”. This really shows the Japanese Heart and Japanese goodness. I really moved by the statement and really salute them.

A day later, Indonesian police managed to found and catch the murder suspect. Although this doesn’t bring their daughter back, but I do hope the parents could have some peace of mind knowing that the case has been solved rather quickly by the Police. Another interesting point to note is, since I was the official interpreter for the parent, and the parent chose not to participate in law court of Indonesia, the police said that I might be summoned to represent the parent’s statement.