Communication Skills

Deddy Effendy provides Communication Training and Japanese Business Manner Training. Don’t worry about the language barrier if you are local Indonesian, because the training can also be held in Bahasa Indonesia. We provide in-house Training, small group Training, and even on Personal Consultation.

Communication is very important skill to have in life. It is not only when you have to speak in front of many audiences, but every communication that you have in life whether in front of small or big team, or even on personal basis needs the Skill of Communication.

Having met High-Profile client such as Country Leaders, Business Owner and CEO’s from various countries, we have experiences on doing the best practice in Communication Skills. We also had experience in Sales Training for Consumer Goods Industry. Let us help you to :

  • Increase Communication Skill whether in front of big audience or on personal basis.
  • Increase Communication Skill with client that will help to boost Sales.
  • Increase Public Speaking effectiveness.
  • Increase Communication Skill with your co-worker, and even your spouse to enhance stronger bond. This will lead to a better quality of life.
  • Reach higher Achievements due to your soft skill increase.
  • Bonus Knowledge : How to impress your Japanese Client.

We could also provide Japanese Business Manner Training to ensure a smooth relationship between you and your client.

We will help you or your organization to achieve better. Because we tailor-made our training according to your needs and specifications, please feel free to drop us a message and tell us your issues so we could determine and pin-point what kind of services that is suitable for you.

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