Public Speaking Services

Deddy Effendy provides various services as Public Speaker. He has extensive experiences as Interpreter in Big Event and talking in front of High Profile Client such as Country Leader and Top CEO. This honed his Public Speaking Skill naturally. Not only that, he also has experiences as Sales and Market Researcher where he succeeded to fix a relationship between the Company that he represented with some Government Agency. Proud to say that the Company still having a Business deal up until now because of his Communication Skill.

Some of the services provided are :

  • Host your event as MC such as Opening Ceremony etc.
  • Act as your representative in your Product Launching event etc.
  • Act as your representative when give Presentation to your client, Press Conference etc.
  • Act as your representative Sales in Government Tender etc.
  • Voice Talent in Television, Commercial etc.
  • Act as Moderator in Focus Group Discussion or Focus Group Interview for Qualitative Probing.
  • Company Investigation for Market Research (include setting up appointment, Manager Interview etc).
    Some of our Satisfied Market Research Clients : Nomura Research Institute, Mitsubishi Research Institute, Fuji Keizai, CDI etc.

Deddy Effendy - dubbing sessionDeddy Effendy - with Yuni Shara

*Left Pic : Deddy Effendy when in Dubbing session, Right Pic: with Yuni Shara (Indonesian Singer) after performing in some Company’s Press Conference and Gala Dinner.

Deddy Effendy- teaching1

*Photo while Deddy Effendy still lives in Japan. Giving LectureĀ  to Japanese about Indonesia.

Deddy Effendy - Okazaki FM

*Photo while Deddy Effendy still lives in Japan. In Okazaki FM.

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